Download Tip-Sheet: 10 reasons why your web developer undermines your goal in attracting more visitors to your website

While you’re working hard to attract more website visitors through content marketing, linkbuilding, organic SEO or Adwords, it could be that your website is undermining your potential successes. We see this often - you have a beautiful websites with a good user experience: however, technical issues and imperfections in the background are undermining your efforts to increase visitors to your site. 

What should you look for to ensure your website's technical "back-end" is supporting your great web engagement strategy at the front-end? Below are four of the top 10 imperfections with technical performance and technical SEO we generally encounter during our web optimization projects, including: 

  • Load scripts from the footer
  • Make sure your server has a quick response time
  • Tell search engines not to index the same website separately
  • Make use of the canonical url
  • Avoid redirect chains
    ...and 5 more

Learn more how to implement the above actions and get insight into the other five tips in our new Tip Sheet: "10 Reasons Why Your Web Developer Undermines the Goal of Attracting More Visitors to Your Website"


Tip Sheet for attracting more visitors to your website

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