3 key elements to strengthen the bond with your audience

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Jaspar Roos

Communication is something essential to our lives as humans. It is something that comes to us so naturally, but then again, is so difficult to manage at times. This is especially true when it comes to business and business relations. Whether you are a startup or an established organization with stable positions on the market, having a good communication with your clients is of top importance and shouldn’t be perceived as a given. Furthermore, the size of your organization has no impact on the quality of the communication you are having with your audience.

The main challenge that many organizations meet when trying to establish a conversation with their audience is in terms of engagement. Blame it on abundant information flows, constant pop-up notifications or generally short attention spans, but the majority of people just cannot keep their attention at one place long enough.(I even dare you to read this article till the end.) Moreover, it’s not only about building engagement, the real challenge is retaining it and maintaining a strong relationship with your audience. Maybe everybody knows your company’s name, but what is going to happen after your fifteen minutes of fame elapse? How will you keep the interest in your organization?

We can make the following analogy - a relationship between a company and its community is similar to a personal (romantic- or friendship-based) relationship – your audience will require clarity, devotion and reciprocity. Chatrobots, Company service desks, all the same.

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Can you do this? Yes you can! You have all the tools at your fingertips. Just follow these three easy steps to building a vital communication relationship with your organization’s community.


Know your audience. That comes easy to mind – you need to know and understand what type of people is your audience mainly comprised of. Who are you talking to? Knowing your audience also means knowing how and where to find them, and what are the best channels for reaching them and for starting a dialogue.

Focusing on basic indicators such as age, interests and the type of the relationship you are having with them (for example, is your business B2B or B2C) can help you decide on the tone and approach your company has when communicating with its audience. A company with an audience of 20 – 35 year-olds is most likely to leverage communication mediums such as Instagram and Twitter. But if you are talking to C-level business representatives, maybe LinkedIn is a better choice for sharing your message.

Be clear on the message you are sending. Indeed, the Internet has made communication and public relations quite easy. We have all the tools at hand to talk directly to our clients. That ease of connection has a bad side to it – and precisely - sending a clear message about who you are and what you are doing.

Don’t make too much noise around yourself – talk when you have something that your audience will find of interest. Avoid sharing and posting information that does not relate to your company’s image or mission only for the sake of not being forgotten overnight. Kim Kardashian’s new dress can be the most viral news out there, but if you are a company that produces semi-conductor particles, chances are that your followers don’t care.

So stop blabbing! Ask yourself – is your message clear enough? Does your audience comprehends in the way you intend it? Are people understand how and why your offering relates to them?

Tell your story. Everybody like storytellers. So tell your story! Make people feel part of it, not only as clients but also as supporters of your mission. Make them feel like a part of your family. A great way to do this is by sending out a newsletter to your community to let them know on developments and news around the company. Share your wins but you fails too.


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Jaspar Roos

Written by Jaspar Roos

Jaspar Roos is a renowned authority in the field of innovation & transformation and a seasoned entrepreneur. Currently, he is cofounder of a new venture on transformational change in organisations, Limpid & Co ( Prior to this, Jaspar had been the Chief Inspiration Officer for ABN AMRO Bank, XL family and 2SQRS for over ten years, running the corporate and startup innovation efforts of those respective companies. One of his past endeavors was an investment fund to unlock digital growth for companies with new digital business models. During those years, Jaspar became one of the pioneers in themes as technology application (ai / big data / iot / blockchain), (corporate) innovation culture and new revenue models. Not to forget, he is also the guy from Chief Humor Officer ( and Innovation Stickers (

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