8 Questions Every Marketer Should Ask for More Effective Content Marketing

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Gardy Bacas

Content marketing requires a structured approach for generating traffic and nurturing leads to become customers. Below are 8 questions every marketer should ask for more effective content marketing.

  1. Have you defined your target personas, their priorities, where they hang out, what keywords they use, etc.?
  2. Have you identified the buyer journey from awareness about the challenge or opportunity, to decision making?
  3. Have you identified high-value content assets and keywords for each step in the buyer journey?
  4. Have you defined the meaning of a Marketing Qualified Lead, Sales Accepted Lead, and Sales Qualified Lead with your sales managers?
  5. Have you created automated workflows and point-system for automating the lead nurturing from awareness to decision making?
  6. Have you established a process for handing over leads to sales for follow-up and reporting of results? 
  7. Do you know how to set SMART goals for measuring the impact of all campaigns?
  8. Have you established a process for doing the above for all new content marketing campaigns? 

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Gardy Bacas

Written by Gardy Bacas

Gardy is the Digital Doorway expert with 12 HubSpot certifications. She joined the team since the start of the company in 2017. She speaks English, Dutch, Norwegian, and German.

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