Don´t Let GDPR Kill Your Conversion Rates

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Jennifer van Lent

GDPR requires lawful basis of processing of personal information. There are several options, but the most important ones for marketing are:

  • Contract – emails to deliver, update, etc. about the product/service
  • Consent – opt-in (this can't be a pre-ticked box)
  • Legitimate Interest - this has two flavors:
    • Consumers - (need to provide notice and opt-out option)
    • B2B contacts with legitimate interest for B2B marketing (need to provide notice of how I obtained their information, here is what I have, provide opt-out)

B2B companies can in many cases rely on Legitimate Interest to continue marketing their products and services to B2B contacts. They don't need consent with an active opt-in, but do need to ensure that they meet a three-part test for marketing based on legitimate interest:
1. Identify a legitimate interest (e.g. the company where a B2B contact works could benefit from your services) 
2. Show that processing is necessary to achieve it
3. Balance legitimate interest to market to the contact against individual interests/rights/freedom

They also need to meet the other GDPR requirements like "Right to Opt-Out", "Right to be Forgotten", etc. You don't necessarily need an opt-in box for B2B marketing webinars, ebooks, etc, just make sure you have a privacy statement with a link to your privacy policy.

HubSpot has a number of features to make this easy to manage. Below are a few examples:

After turning on the GDPR functionality in the HubSpot platform, a property called "Legal basis for processing contact's data" will be added to each contact.

Content property


In your webforms to convert visitors to leads, you can select one of three types of form notifications: Legitimate interestConsent and Consent to store and processHubSpot comes with recommended privacy text for your web forms, but you can also customize the text either in the settings or by form.

Using Legitimate interest in web forms

HubSpot will also capture the text you used for a web form. This way you can document how you got people contact details, and the exact text that was on the form when they gave you their name.

Don´t let GDPR kill your conversion rates. Contact our team to learn more about how to use the HubSpot marketing platform to improve your demand generation while ensuring GDPR compliance.

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Please note that I am not a lawyer, but I have spent a lot of time discussing how to best ensure GDPR compliance with lawyers, industry experts and Digital Doorway customers.

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Jennifer van Lent

Written by Jennifer van Lent

Jennifer van Lent is the Managing Director of Digital Doorway

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