9+4 Steps for Implementing Topic Clusters for Inbound Marketing

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Jennifer van Lent

We are seeing a a shift in search technologysearch behavior and how we interact with contentThis requires a new way to look at inbound and content marketing. You need to take a more strategic and holistic approach by focusing on the topics themselves, not just the links and keywords which relate to the topic. Early adopters of topic clusters have seen their inbound traffic improve by 40-50%. 

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Here are your 9+4 steps for implementing topic clusters for inbound marketing:

  1. Define your buyer personas
  2. Determine their buyer journey
  3. Identify topics and keywords for your 5-6 pillar pages
  4. Determine if your existing web pages should become pillar pages or if they should be part of the topic cluster
  5. Identify required pillar content. Make it awesome!
  6. Determine topic clusters for key pillars, including long-tail keywords
  7. Develop content for pillar pages, including call-to-actions (e.g. subscribe to newsletter)
  8. Rearrange any relevant existing content (like blog posts) and link these to pillar pages
  9. Plan and develop new content for topic clusters

Don´t forget these critical success factors:

  1. Ensure you use relevant keywords, long-tail keywords and synonyms for content in the topic clusters
  2. Ensure you link all content in the topic clusters back to pillar pages to create links
  3. Don´t hide all of your best content as PDF files behind forms – offer it instead as "ungated" content by incorporating it into the topic pages
  4. Use offers such as "subscribe to newsletter" or "get a free assessment" as calls-to-action to capture contact information

How does this work in practice? Schedule a call to discuss how you can grow your inbound traffic by 40-50% and to learn more about implementing topic clusters and pillar pages. Success comes from having the right strategy and content, not just technology.

Yes, - I would like to schedule a call to discuss how topic clusters can  increase website traffic by 40-50%.

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Jennifer van Lent

Written by Jennifer van Lent

Jennifer van Lent is the Managing Director of Digital Doorway

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