Marketing Automation Maturity Model

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Gardy Bacas

Marketing Automation solutions like Salesforce Pardot, ClickDimensions, Marketo, and Hubspot allow you to generate more and better leads, but many companies mess up the implementation. Therefore, the net-promoter score for Marketing Automation software is minus 15.1 according to recent AIIM research among IT solution and service providers. Many companies do not realize that success is 80% about people, 15% about processes, and 5% about the technology. 

We have therefore developed a Marketing Automation Maturity Model to identify how to get more value from your Marketing Automation solution.

Marketing Automation Maturity Model.jpeg
We at Digital Doorway can provide you with a quick-fix assessment to identify how to improve the value of your current solution. You get a report that document the as-is situation and maturity level, and recommendations for getting to next level with more and better lead generation. 

  • Level 1 – Blasts
  • Level 2 – Campaigns
  • Level 3 – Continuing
  • Level 4 – Predicting

Success is about having the right strategy, processes, and content assets, not just the right technology.

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Gardy Bacas

Written by Gardy Bacas

Gardy is the Digital Doorway expert with 12 HubSpot certifications. She joined the team since the start of the company in 2017. She speaks English, Dutch, Norwegian, and German.

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