Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce vs Something Simpler?

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Gardy Bacas

Business users want solutions that are simple and smart, not complex, custom, and costly. Many companies forget this when planning their next CRM solution. They spend their time reviewing Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce to identify the right solution for their organization. They document all required features and functions, and then end up implementing something very complex, custom and costly.

We have found that Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM are often too complex for the average IT reseller or service provider. There are many good alternatives like the free Hubspot CRMIt is very easy to use, and it only takes us 1 day to get you up and running. And you can then later add Hubspot Marketing and Sales Automation without having to do any integration!

Here are some of the Hubspot CRM features:

  • Manage your pipeline with total visibility. Get an up-to-the-minute view of your entire sales funnel on a clean, visual dashboard. You can sort deals won and lost, appointments scheduled, and contracts sent over any time period, and track performance against quotas you set. Sort deals by name, owner, amount, or stage with custom filters for actionable intel in a fraction of the time.
  • HubSpot CRM tracks customer interactions automatically – whether they’re in an email, across social media, or on a call. Sync with Gmail or Outlook using HubSpot Sales, and capture every call, email, or meeting as it happens.
  • See everything about a lead in one place. Go way beyond names and job titles. Every interaction with a lead is stored in a tidy timeline, including calls, emails, meetings, and notes. You’ll never need to dig through a messy inbox or spreadsheet to figure out where a relationship left off. Sync up with HubSpot Marketing, and you’ll know which content your lead has consumed so you can personalize your approach.


Access a HubSpot CRM Demo - the story about the deal

An add-on module with the name Hubspot Sales adds value by providing you with the following features and functions:

  • Send Personalized SequencesQueue up a series of emails and deliver them to a prospect on a schedule you set.
  • Create and Measure Email Templates. Turn repetitive emails into templates you can send in seconds. Then track performance and share the best ones with your team.
  • Get Real-Time Notifications. Know the instant a prospect opens an email or downloads an attachment so you can follow up when you’re top-of-mind.
  • Enrich Contact Records Automatically. Get insights your sales team will actually use by automatically populating contact records with details from our database of over 20 million businesses.
  • Place Calls From Inside the CRM. Call with a click and choose whether or not to record the conversation. A log is automatically saved on your contact’s timeline.
  • Book More Meetings. Set your availability and get a shareable link that syncs with your calendar and lets leads pick a time that works for everyone.

Every account includes a free version of HubSpot Sales’ tools at a limited capacity, and you can upgrade to full use for a monthly fee. Contact us if you want to discuss this in more details or if you would us to set you up with a free Hubspot CRM solution.

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Gardy Bacas

Written by Gardy Bacas

Gardy is the Digital Doorway expert with 12 HubSpot certifications. She joined the team since the start of the company in 2017. She speaks English, Dutch, Norwegian, and German.

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