New AIIM research report: How to Accelerate your Solution Sales

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Gardy Bacas

We are seeing a massive change in how organizations identify, procure, and implement Information Management solutions and services. AIIM published earlier this year a research report identifying marketing and sales strategies from top vs poor performing solution and services providers. 

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Here are some of the most interesting findings:
  • The top performing companies target Managing Director/CEO (23%) and Line of Business Leaders (23%). Only 15% of them target IT/CIO, while 33% of the poor performing companies target IT/CIO.
  • The top performing companies rely more on marketing and channel sales to drive new business. Marketing-driven sales is 23% for the best performing companies, 15% for poor. Channel sales is 15% for the best performing companies, 4% for poor.
  • 60% of top performing companies claim that their marketing and sales efforts are well-aligned, while only 38% of the poor performing companies claim the same.
  • 50% of well performing companies do a good job at inbound marketing, while only 16% of the poor performing companies claim the same.
  • 41% of the survey respondents claim that their marketing collateral is a good mix of business problems, case studies, and offerings. 73% of the top performing companies claim do a good mix of the above, while only 39% of the poor performing companies claim the same.
  • A big problem for poor performing companies are that leads are not well qualified when handed to sales. This is reported by 26% of the poor performing companies, while none of the top performing companies report this as a problem.
  • Companies that exceed their sales targets are good at using metrics to manage their lead generation. 50% of top performing companies claim to be good at using metrics for their lead generation, while only 18% of the poor performing companies claim the same.
  • There is no difference in the adoption of CRM or Marketing Automation between top and poor performing companies. Success comes from having the right strategy, processes and metrics, not from just having the right CRM or Marketing Automation solution. It´s about people and processes, not IT.

Access the below Digital Doorway webinar recording to hear how AIIM used a new approach to marketing and sales to get 4.8X increase in leads within 12 months, 74% conversion rate of primary content offer, and 87% increase in customers within 12 months

Listen to Webinar Recording: How to Make Your Company Stand Out in the IT  Industry

The solution selling research report is freely available from the AIIM website. AIIM has also an excellent sales training course that educates your staff and channel in how to sell solutions and services to business leaders.

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Gardy Bacas

Written by Gardy Bacas

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