A Future Proof Sales Process Methodology

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Gardy Bacas

Research by Forrester found that the average buyer gathers 70% of the information they need to make a purchasing decision before engaging possible solution or service providers. Don´t waste your time cold-calling or emailing. Attract them instead to your company with good content and multiple touch-points. Use social media and SEO optimized educational content to attract and nurture them until they are ready to talk to your sales staff. Go from an Outbound-centric to an Inbound-centric sales process.

Hubspot´s Inbound Sales Process Methodology aligns the salesperson and the buyer to create a more helpful sales process.

The Inbound Sales Methodology.png

Try to think of sales like project management. Define the steps, processes, and timeline for converting strangers to customers. 

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This helps you predict sales and service deliveries. It also frees sales up to focus on qualified leads, not chasing unqualified leads. Contact us to get strategies, processes, and technologies for sales automation.

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Gardy Bacas

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