Selling Technology Solutions to Business Leaders

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Gardy Bacas

We are seeing a massive change in how organizations identify, procure, and implement solutions. Cloud computing has made it a lot easier to adopt new technology, and the business leaders are now taking over the IT buying decisions. Gartner claims that the business controlled 35% of IT spending in 2014, and it will grow to 90% by 2020. They might be wrong about the 90%, but research AIIM found that IT solution providers expect the growth in IT spending to come from business leaders buying IT.

Business leaders buy IT solutions and services to address a business problem or opportunity, not as enterprise infrastructure. This is impacting how solutions are marketed, sold, and implemented.

What is then the secret to selling technology solutions to business leaders? The answer is good Marketing! Provide potential customers with educational content for creating awareness, consideration, and decision making. See below chart for examples of content types for each step of the buyer journey.


Listen to Webinar Recording: Selling IT to the Line of Business - it is time  for a new approach!


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Gardy Bacas

Written by Gardy Bacas

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