Technology Selling - How to Get More and Better Leads?

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Gardy Bacas

Many IT solution and service providers waste sales time cold-calling or emailing business and IT leaders that may benefit from their offerings. Try instead to automate the sales process with Marketing and Sales Automation software. This way sales staff only engage qualified leads. 

This process start by defining the buyer personas and their buying process. Describe how they go from awareness to decision making. Determine then the required content types and keywords for each step in the buyer journey.  

How do you then use this to get more new leads for the Awareness-stage? Below are a few recommendations for technology selling:

  • Website - ensure your website has content and keywords that attract the buyer persona. Always include a call-to-action to a relevant landing page to capture their contact information.
  • Blog with relevant content - create SEO optimized blog posts for inbound traffic. Always include a call-to-action to a relevant landing page to capture their contact information.
  • Landing Pages with content offers - create SEO optimized landing pages with content offers and download forms.
  • Social Media - promote blog posts and content offers in relevant LinkedIn groups and with relevant Twitter hashtags. 
  • 3rd Party Leads - leverage 3rd party B2B marketing services to get you new leads that you add to the nurturing  workflows. Check out AIIM´s B2B marketing services for getting net-new leads.

You then nurture the leads until they are ready for talk to a sales consultant. This could be automated emails with relevant content offers, text messages, webinars, and infographics. Marketing and Sales Automation software like HubSpot and Autopilot allows you to quickly define buyer journeys and automate the lead nurturing. Contact us to learn more about this.

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Gardy Bacas

Written by Gardy Bacas

Gardy is the Digital Doorway expert with 12 HubSpot certifications. She joined the team since the start of the company in 2017. She speaks English, Dutch, Norwegian, and German.

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