6 must-read HubSpot blogs for Marketing & Sales Professionals

[fa icon="calendar'] 18-Jan-2020 12:21:02 / by Gardy Bacas posted in HubSpot, Customer Journey, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Content Marketing, social media, salesproductivity, Buyers journey, videomarketing, SEO best practices

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2020 has arrived... a new decade has begun. As a marketing and sales professional planning future projects, campaigns or strategies, you likely have spent time in the past days and weeks in  evaluating what worked well, what didn’t and what to improve as you map your priorities for the year ahead.

To help you find new ideas, learn the latest insights and spark inspiration to help with your marketing and sales strategies and programs, we'd like to share six of our favorite marketing and sales blogs from HubSpot. Happy reading! 

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Four Steps to Writing a Winning Blog

[fa icon="calendar'] 03-Sep-2019 20:09:50 / by Gardy Bacas posted in Customer Journey, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, social media, "Innovation", Buyers journey, SEO optimization

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Have you ever worked hours creating a fantastic blog with great insight...but then after you post it, you end up with only 3 likes on Facebook or LinkedIn? How do you capture the attention of your target audience and motivate them to actually read your post? And equally important: how can you increase visibility for your blog on search engines and social platforms?

Before you begin to write your blog, here are 4 important elements to keep in mind:

1. Goal: What is the goal of the blog?

2. Structure: How will your blog look like? 

3. Style: Who are you writing for? 

4. Strategy: What are you trying to achieve?   

...and don't forget SEO - you need to optimize your blog to improve ranking on Google! 

Now let's look at each of these 4 points in detail....


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Top Content Marketing Trends for 2019

[fa icon="calendar'] 26-Aug-2019 13:41:22 / by Gardy Bacas posted in Customer Journey, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Buyers journey

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Content Marketing Trends for 2019 show that many marketing tactics no longer work. We produce so much content nowadays that it becomes increasingly difficult to create a message which stands out and is findable on Google and other search engines. You could argue that content marketing seems to be undermining its own success. You have to ask yourself which approach works? How to deal with the decreased organic reach of social media and Google?

Based on feedback from Dutch marketing thought leaders, the following are some of the top trends for 2019: decreasing reach of social media and organic search, personalization (e.g. "people do business with people"), targeted, reader-specific content, and the rise of video and podcast.

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Don´t Let GDPR Kill Your Conversion Rates

[fa icon="calendar'] 07-Jun-2018 11:13:42 / by Jennifer van Lent posted in Demand Generation, Lead Generation, Content Marketing

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GDPR requires lawful basis of processing of personal information. There are several options, but the most important ones for marketing are:

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Three Steps to Rekindle the Sales Fire with Cold Prospects 

[fa icon="calendar'] 26-Feb-2018 11:04:36 / by Jennifer van Lent posted in Inbound Marketing, lead nurturing, Content Marketing, social media, salesproductivity

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Looking to re-engage with prospects who have gone cold? Here are 3 tried-and-true steps which can reignite your prospect's interest and give a quick boost to your 2018 sales pipeline.

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The most effective sales emails in 2018

[fa icon="calendar'] 20-Feb-2018 11:30:00 / by Yaniv Siegel posted in Inbound Marketing, B2B Sales Leads, Lead Generation, Content Marketing

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More and more organizations embrace the inbound marketing methodology which, if done effectively, means more and higher quality leads for sales organizations to follow-up on. 

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Keep your content marketing campaigns simple and smart

[fa icon="calendar'] 02-Nov-2017 09:09:00 / by Gardy Bacas posted in Content Marketing

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Effective Inbound Marketing is 80% about the content, 15% about the processes, and 5% about the technology. Content is king, and you need to focus on providing high-value content for your target personas.

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8 Questions Every Marketer Should Ask for More Effective Content Marketing

[fa icon="calendar'] 23-Aug-2017 12:29:10 / by Gardy Bacas posted in Content Marketing

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Content marketing requires a structured approach for generating traffic and nurturing leads to become customers. Below are 8 questions every marketer should ask for more effective content marketing.

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5+10 Steps for Running a Content Marketing Campaign

[fa icon="calendar'] 07-Aug-2017 19:36:05 / by Gardy Bacas posted in Marketing Automation, Content Marketing

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Educational content allows you to attract new web traffic, turn web visitors into leads, and/or nurture leads to become customers. Below are our recommended steps for running a content marketing campaign.

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