Persona-Driven Customer Journeys

Creating 360º Personas 

How can you develop meaningful engagements with your customers? First step: you need to understand them - what are their needs and challenges, how to they interact with potential suppliers, what motivates them to purchase, how do they want to interact both pre- and post-purchase?

Customer personas are relevant across the entire customer engagement lifecycle - from interested prospect to motivated buyer to delighted customer. So our Digital Doorway team collected years of target buyer data and leveraged best-practice methodologies to build persona toolkits which enable our clients to create buyer journeys which nurture, win and delight their customers. 

                 Learn how to engage your teams using Persona Cards 


Engage with your teams in persona-building exercises:

  • identify user preferences, needs and buying behaviors;
  • highlight top actions to take (and pitfalls to avoid) to help buyer with their decisions; 
  • learn how to best position your product or service with target buyers
  • create profiles which help you win new business, upsell and cross sell; 
  • learn how to develop and nurture customer champions 

Learn 3 ways to pitch ideas, campaigns and programs

Our Persona Toolkits help bring your personas to life and accelerate value for your whole organization - including strategy, marketing, sales, service, and innovation teams - by creating personas which are relevant for your entire customer lifecycle. Using gamification principles supported by persona decks, challenge flash cards, board games and other tools, you can create and execute concept-to-launch marketing programs, accelerate sales funnels and develop winning strategies to enter new markets. 

All of our Toolkits can be custom branded or white-labeled. Content and processes can be customized for specific business needs or to fit a target vertical industry. Our Toolkits are being used today across the globe in diverse industries, including financial services, IT / tech, automotive, pharma / healthcare, public sector, education, consultancies and marketing agencies. 

Interested in learning more? Contact our team to explore how toolkits and games can support your business strategies, drive innovation across your teams and help you win new business.   


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